The Lower Alabama BeeKeepers Association (LABA) was formed in November 2014 by veteran beekeepers Mr. Nolen Ballard and Mr. Fred Harrison.  

Together they represent over 75 years of beekeeping experience.

Their passion is to pass down to the next generation the art of beekeeping.  

Lower Alabama Beekeepers Association​

Education​ * Mentoring * Promote Pollination * Marketing

Bee Meeting
Antioch East Baptist Church
​2303 Co Rd 61 (Old Stage Rd)
​Greenville, AL 

​July 8, 2017 
2:00 PM

Local Honey

Mr. Nolen Ballard

2017Alabama Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting

Performing Arts Center

Clanton, AL 

September 22 & 23, 2017 

Vendors will be at the meeting.  Place your orders and save shipping costs!  Check with individual vendors to see if they are coming to the meeting.

Upcoming Events

Please consider joining our discussion group on Facebook.  Search for Lower Alabama Beekeepers Association and look for the picture of the bee on the comb (like you see above).

Mr. Fred Harrison