There is a worldwide decline in the polulation of honey bees know as "Hive Collapse."

There is no one attribute to this global epidemic, but the big picture is the devastating reduction of crop yields in the absence of nature's premier pollinator; the honey bee.

The Lower Alabama Beekeeper Association (LABA) in its effort to foster new healthy bee colonies is contributing a small part in their corner of the world helping pollinate and increase agriculture and family garden production.  LABA members collectively feel in their daily duty as beekeepers a deep sense of oneness in concert with God's creation and the divine order of nature.

Honey Bees are in the epicenter of perpetuating nature.

LABA meets regularly to educate new and seasoned beekeepers in the art of beekeeping.  Generally there are workshops and hands on training.  In these networking sessions; beekeepers share with one another the "best practices" to maintain healthy bee colonies and maximize pure natural honey production.

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Lower Alabama Beekeepers Association

Education * Mentoring * Promote Pollination * Marketing

LABA Officers 2018-2019

President: Robert Johnson

Vice President:  Linda Jarzyniecki

Treasurer:  John Giles

Secretary/Webmaster:  Kate Pugh

The Lower Alabama Beekeepers Association (LABA) was formed to educate the membership and public on the importance and impact of honey bees, mentor new hive owners, promote honey bee pollination and market pure natural honey produced by its members.